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Co-working room


Spring 2023

Coworking & rental space opens!!


The building that the owner's family used to live in is currently being remodeled.

A space where remote work customers can work comfortably

Create space for yoga and workshops

There is also a gas oven in the spacious kitchen, so it can also be used for cooking classes.

Anyway, it's wide, so if you want to use it for something, please let me know.


Hotel guests: Free

Non-guests:  3h500yen  /  1 day 1000 yen


If the weather is nice, we recommend going to lunch on the way to work on the terrace overlooking the sea, or spending the day swimming in the sea ​ in Kawahira.

It's rags, but the bicycle is also free ♪

We are planning to offer home-roasted coffee, herbal tea, and draft beer, hoping that it will be a place where guests and islanders can connect. Please let me know if you have any requests or ideas ♡

Air conditioning and high speed Wi-Fi

Rental of whiteboards, projectors, PC monitors, and printing is available for a fee.

↓after is coming soon!


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