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IRIWA currently has three private rooms.

In the spring of 2023, three private rooms will be created in a separate building.


It has three panoramic windows with a wide view of the ocean,
       You can enjoy it from the comfortable your queen size bed.

UMI has a private balcony overlooking the garden
                    and a staircase leading to the roof where you have 
                     a view  over Kabira village.



It has two queen size beds and 
two panoramic windows. 

You have a beautiful view of the        green trees and blue ocean over the house.
 Pleas feel free to relax to the singing of birds and calming nature which surrounds you.

wood bangalore  


We have built the cozy cottage house with the help of friends(and even guests!)
    It was built by in our hands with a lot love.
    Room has one queen size bed
    and the bathroom and lavatory adjacent to the cottage.

White wood deck & counter table & hammocks

the cottage has air conditioner, refrigeator, WiFi, 

*You have to go out to next building for Shower and Lavatory 
 It is little bit unconvinient when rain
*It is in our garden, so you can't see ocean,



Please check the reservation page as the price will change depending on the consumption tax, the number of consecutive nights, and the number of people.

The use of a private room by one person is basically the price for two people,

If you make a reservation in the dormitory and if there is a vacancy on the day, it will be cheaper if you want a private room

Please contact us if you wish





Recommended points

What a wide ☆

We are very proud of our big room and big windows!!
You can see ocean, lots of stars, mountain, Kabira village from the window in private room.

Please listen bird`s creeping sounds and find fireflys ・・Air conditioning is also free

Big window ☆

Sky, sea and green from the window!

A room where you can feel the birds singing in the morning and the voices of insects in the night.

Big bed

All beds are fluffy queen size so you can relax even if you sleep with 2 adults ♡

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