We have releasable vast garden!!
You can wash your swiming tool


You can use BBQ facility in grassy garden for free

Chill out with drinking beer under the sun..

   NO BEER   NO LIFE !!!

Is it all right for a single woman?


There are many customers in Iliwa who are traveling alone for the first time, families, and customers from overseas.

People with different ages and nationalities

Good morning and welcome back

I want to continue to provide a free place

Why is it free?

Make sure you pay as little as possible except for the accommodation fee

A little old,

Bicycles, snorkel masks, and towels are also available for free

Please return after washing

Can you cook by yourself?


The kitchen has a complete set of tools

Free coffee and tea

There is also a vending machine

BBQ stand is also free

Please bring your own seasonings