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Iriwa is an inn where you can stay without meals.

No meals are provided, so try a nearby restaurant.Please use the kitchen to prepare your own meals.

There are 2 in Kabira village where Iriwa is located.There are nearly 0 restaurants

Bakery and cafe serving breakfast in the morning

There are also pubs where you can drink alcohol.

Everything in the village is within walking distance.

On Iriwa's Instagram, it is listed as "#Kabira restaurant"


In the coworking library space

We provide drinks about 2 days a week.

Specialty coffee and

Espresso drinks, lattes,

Fresh herbal tea and juice from the garden

In-store or spaciousin the garden

Take a breatherPlease come and see me

Sometimes Korean food or a helper who is good at cookingprovides meals and sweets, etc.

There is also a menu from time to time.

business hoursbetween?

the coworking space

Daily from 9:00-21:00

is open

about a cafeon Tuesday and Thursday

is open

on insta story

business calendar for the month


Why is it free?

Make sure you pay as little as possible except for the accommodation fee

A little old,

Bicycles, snorkel masks, and towels are also available for free

Please return after washing

Can you cook by yourself?


The kitchen has a complete set of tools

Free coffee and tea

There is also a vending machine

BBQ stand is also free

Please bring your own seasonings

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