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one big floor is a shared room divided into 3 rooms for 4 people each (2 bunk beds).

​Basically, we accept reservations separately for men and women.

Please note that one of the three rooms may be mixed for men and women depending on the situation.

 When making a reservation, if you tell us that you do not want a mixed gender room, we will make adjustments as much as possible​

With air conditioning, toilet and shower


​Prices vary depending on the season and booking site.
You can confirm by entering the date on the reservation page.
(From other sites, the fee is slightly higher)


Dormitory uses a ladder bunk bed


For children and the elderly,

please use a private room.

People with snoring

We ask that you use a private room.

First time in Iriwa
Lots of solo travelers The real pleasure of traveling alone
After all encounter with person
Eating and drinking together
Go to the sea...
Casual encounter
It will be a lifetime

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